Doug Craig

Profile Updated: April 27, 2020
Residing In: Mesquite, NV USA
Spouse/Partner: Tina Craig
Occupation: Engineering manager/retired
Children: Zachary, born 1988; Jonathan, born 1991; Lindsey, born 1992

After living in Bozeman for 4 1/2 years we moved to Mesquite, NV. in October 2018. It's a small community about 80 miles Northeast of Las Vegas and we like the warmer weather (except maybe the hot summers). Zach lives in Minnesota, Jon lives in Florida, and Lindsey lives in the San Francisco Bay area. We have been surprised by the number Montanans who live here either in the winter (snowbirds) or throughout the year. Former classmate Steve Mattocks and his wife Maryjo live here and we get together often for various activities. There are many friendly retirees here and we all enjoy meeting and having dinner, etc. together. We look forward to visiting Montana and seeing relatives and friends. We are nearing our 50 year reunion! Time goes by......

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Tina and I are so sorry to hear about Sam's Passing. We saw Sam at the last reunion and he told us about his health issues. He also mentioned that we probably may not see him again. That was very sad news. To our surprise we saw him again the next year. Sam was generally private with life issues and we lost track of where he was living after that. To hear that he fought a terrible desease and suvived nearly 8 more years was truely a shocker. Sam previously had survived a fall from Emigrant Peak and walked miles with a broken neck and bleeding profusely. Now there is a man with a strong desire to live! And then he got dealt a second setback in life which he again demonstated an almost unbelieveable will to survive.  Sam, Gary Taylor, and I hung out together during our high school years and had many good times. I remember Sam had a Volkswagen bug and we drove to Chico often. On the way back from Chico one day, we decided to pick up every beer and pop can we could find on both sides of the road till we got to Livingston. We filled that Volkswagon bug up until their was only room for Sam (the driver). I can't remember how Gary and I got home or if we received any money for the cans. Looking back, I think Sam knew what was going to happen and Gary and I were so busy picking up cans we were oblivious to the outcome. Sam and I had some good times together!  Rest in peace my friend!

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