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•   Debi Hudson (Kemp)  9/30
•   Kathy Pelz (Pemberton)  10/5
•   Georgia Haerr (Borg)  10/9
•   Greg Liebsch  10/10
•   Ron Liptack  10/14
•   Steve Kramer  10/17


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•   Kathy Funk (Mulligan)  9/17
•   Loree LaValley (Williams)  9/16
•   Dennis McPherson  9/15
•   Jim Allen  9/15
•   Julie Fink (McCartney/Hollar/Brantley)  9/10
•   Patti Cech (Poeschl)  7/20
•   Linda Price (Martin)  5/31
•   Ron Liptack  5/9
•   Lynn Leckner (Groth)  1/11
•   Debi Hudson (Kemp)  11/6
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A Message From Loree and Diane

Dear Classmates,

The rent is due again -- $150 for the upcoming year.  Our host has been true to their word:  you've never had to deal with annoying pop-up ads on this site or see your in-box fill up with spam every time you visit.  We also consume a lot of bandwidth with our photo galleries and memorabilia collection.  Those benefits come with a price tag which, like everything else, has crept up over time.  We're very grateful to the few who have contributed in the past -- their generosity has helped to keep this website going.  However, the two of us have been covering the shortfall ever since this site was created 5 years ago and it's a burden that we no longer want to carry.

This was always intended to be a group effort -- a class project, if you will.  But participation and financial support have been limited and - frankly - we're tapped out.  Is it time to pull the plug on the Park Senior High Class of 1971?   It would be a shame to lose all the pictures and classmate info collected over the years.  We'd also lose the ability to reach out to each other without the need for private email addresses.  

114 members of our class are registered users -- many others only visit the home page, which doesn't require logging in.  If everyone would kick in less than the price of a cup of coffee, the bill would be covered for the next twelve months...even longer.  There's a "Donate" button in the right hand column of this page...we hope you'll use it.  Or if you prefer, click the "Contact Us" tab at the top of the page to find out how you can contribute off-line.

What are your thoughts?  We'll interpret no response as indifference to the site's future.

Thanks -

Loree and Diane