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A Piece Of Our Past

We're dinosaurs.  At least two generations in Livingston have grown up knowing Wilcoxson's as a popular ice cream found on dessert menus and in grocery store freezers...not as an actual destination.  In our day, it was the home of Cherry Phosphates, milkshakes and killer sundaes.  A number of our classmates worked there.  Like the classic soda shop -- straight out of a Hollywood movie set -- it had booths with coin-operated jukeboxes playing 45s and vinyl-covered swivel bar stools that lined the counter in front of the old-fashioned fountain.

There's still a local plant, but the ice cream store/cafe at 116 South Main Street closed decades ago.  The building has housed a succession of businesses over the years -- the site is vacant once again, and available for rent. 

For better or worse, we can't resurrect the past -- although many have wished that some enterprising business person would capitalize on the retro craze and restore the place to something resembling its heyday.

The listing from Maverick Realty follows.  Know an aspiring restauranteur looking for a challenge? 

The Old Wilcoxson building sits at a prime location on Main Street, in the center of the historic business district of Livingston, Montana.
Livingston is going through a process of slow but steady gentrification.  The building is surrounded by a variety of other businesses, art galleries, and other restaurants.
This is how the building looked during renovations in 2009.

We don't know about the original use of The Old Wilcoxson building when it was constructed in 1895, but the building takes the name from the fact that it was the original home of the Wilcoxson’s Ice Cream Company, which was formed in 1912.  

Today, Wilcoxson’s Ice Cream is still a favorite local Montana brand.  Here is a view of the interior of the building as the Wilcoxson’s Ice Cream Parlor.

We don’t know about the original use of  The Old  Wilcoxson building when it 
was constructed in 1895

To view]

To view the rest of the rental website, visit sure to click on the Gallery tab to see current photos of the property's interior, including this one:











We're betting the only thing that might look familiar to you is the pressed tin ceiling!



Some months ago, we ran a story about the remarkably talented Ben Williams, former Park High teacher and all-around Renaissance man.  Heres another of his creations: the mountain goat standing at the entrance to the Highlands Subdivision on the North Side Hill.  As with several of Mr. Williams' other works, it's included in the Smithsonian American Art Museum's inventory of outdoor sculptures.  The goat is made of cut and welded steel, mounted on a sandstone base.








In Case You Missed It....


Part of what makes the annual Round Up parade such a beloved tradition is its predictability.  There will always be rodeo queen candidates, the Shriners and their antics, bagpipe bands, children chasing candy, farm equipment and beautiful horses.  Livingston local Ron Palmares captured and condensed the experience, posting it on Youtube for all to share.  If you were far away on July 2, here's a chance to enjoy the show...belatedly.  If you were sitting curbside, take a few minutes to relive the fun.


Some of us weren't paying attention...


Is this something new or has Livingston always had a flag?  Here's what's flying around town:


Photo credit:  John Zumpano