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Can You Name This Ref?


The photo is blurry -- it was shared by a reader who snapped it from the sidelines on October 10 -- so not many will recognize the referee as Park Sr. High's former football & wrestling coach, Gordie Schlabs.  The occasion was a game in Whitefish between the Bulldogs and the Rangers (who lost 52-14...brutal!).  It was also another milestone in Mr. Schlabs' long career in athletics: he was officiating his last game.

In 1974, Coach Schlabs left Livingston for a position at Helena High.  Two years later, he moved to Billings Senior, where he remained for the rest of his coaching career.  Following retirement, he and his wife moved back "home" -- he was a graduate of Kalispell High School -- where they live in Lakeside, MT and enjoy an active lifestyle.  Besides his gigs as a ref, he has been an avid golfer.  Here's a picture from the Daily InterLake, taken in 2007 at the State Senior Golf Championship:


      Photo by Kristine Paulsen

Some of our football-playing classmates might recall classic Schlab-isms, like "Get out there and break some dishes!" or "Time to meet and greet!"  No doubt other expressions were more...uh...colorful.  It was a different era...



Kathy at our 40th Reunion, July of 2011


Another Loss:  Kathy Rickett Nead

Sadly, Kathleen Ann Rickett Nead died on December 11.  It was the end of her very long and gallant battle with cancer.

Kathy married Claud Nead (Class of 1969) shortly after our high school graduation.  Together they raised a remarkable 8 children, most (if not all) of whom were born at home.  Despite the demands of managing such a large family, she regularly competed in the Park County Fair, where her food and needlework entries often won awards.  

Kathy was preceded in death by her daughter Elecia in 2003.  A full obituary and details of final arrangments are pending.





Monte Silk

Former Teacher Retires

This doesn't qualify as breaking news -- the dateline is June 2014 -- but many may have missed this story about a familiar name from our past.  In our era, a very young Monte Silk taught Government, U.S. History and Comparative Political Systems.  His long career in education ended with his retirement as School Superintendent in Corvallis.  This link is for a video clip from Missoula's KPAX:

A related story from the Ravalli Republic follows:

June 12, 2014 8:09 pm  •  By Michelle McConnaha

In a surprise assembly on the last day of school, retiring Corvallis Superintendent Monte Silk was honored for his 50 years in education.

Doug Ardiana, superintendent of Bonner School District No. 14, presented the award.

“It is my great privilege to present this award to Monte Silk – from the Montana Association of School Superintendents – for 50 years of dedicated service and commitment to children in education from 1964 to 2014,” Ardiana said.

Silk responded to the gym filled with students (grades 5-11) happy to be wrapping up their last day of school.

“Fifty years, I should be dead,” said Silk. “I started teaching when I was 21 and I’ll be 72 in August. So, there’s no lie here folks – I get a cut and a curl every two weeks to make sure I don’t look too old. Internally, I’m falling apart but it has been a good run.

“I taught, was a principal and superintendent. At every level there is lots of satisfaction only because you all keep us young. You are so enthusiastic and you just love school – especially on the last day,” he said.

The audience responded with a big cheer.

Silk continued.

“You are wonderful,” he said. “I’m going to retire a Devil because the fact is I’ve been a Cardinal, an Eagle, an Indian, a Tiger – I’ve been a lot of places. The last three schools, I’ve been a Red Devil, a Dust Devil and a Blue Devil. So I’m definitely going to retire a devil.”

Silk has been superintendent of the Corvallis School District for the past five years. He has built a wonderful rapport with the staff and students of the school and the Corvallis community.


Brenda at the Livingston Roundup Parade, 2013


Classmate Loss

We're saddened to have lost another classmate, Brenda Ryles Adams, whose courageous fight with cancer ended on November 18, 2014.  Final arrangements and a full obituary are pending.

Brenda was a member of the dedicated group that organized many of our class reunions.  Besides working at a number of Livingston businesses over the years, she was active in the community.  She was also a  MaryKay cosmetics consultant and a sales representative for Asea dietary supplement.  Prior to her retirement, she was employed at InstyPrints, where most of the town passed through at one point or another...and where everyone recognized that signature smile and big laugh.  

She is survived by her husband Denny, their sons Stan and John, her beloved grandchildren, her mother, her brothers, her extended family and more friends than can be counted.  We share their sorrow.